About Us

My name is Nancy Gómez, I am the founder and creator of Micaela Garden  Botanical Cosmetics, type remedies that nourish, regenerate and stimulate the health of the skin.

Micaela Garden is in honor of my mother Micaela Nava may she rest in peace! I learned my love for healthy aging of the skin from my mother, which motivated me to make the decision to study the functions and chemistry of the skin.

Our Story

Let me introduce you to my training and experience in this concept of embracing biological aging with grace and elegance. I am a Licensed Esthetician, Master in Advanced Holistic Aesthetics with 15 years of experience, certified and graduated in the following areas: I studied at the Botanical Formula School for Anti-Aging Organic Skin Care, Diploma in Aesthetic Electromedicine, Certified in Holistic Emotional Consultant, certificates in aromatherapy, lymphatic massages, wood therapy, facial yoga, facial GYM, facial rejuvenation, flower remedies, oncology facials.

What We Do

My cosmetics are formulas thinking about every need that I saw in my patients in my office, most of my clients are older adults, cancer patients, clients with skin disorders. My cosmetics are tested by my clients, and I have found that skin problems are from different sources and factors, but I believe that other people who have similar symptoms to my clients can also benefit from my botanical cosmetic type remedies. for the well-being and health of the skin.

Purpose and Mission

Micaela Garden’s purpose and mission is to preach that biological aging is not a sin, but a blessing! That true beauty comes from a balanced soul, accepting that we are beings with a splendor of pure Bio Natural beauty!
Micaela Garden is aimed at a public that accepts biological aging, people who have assumed responsibility for their health and well-being, are clients who live an organic and holistic Natural Life, people who are not afraid to age with grace and dignity!

Our image

The image of my Micaela Garden cosmetics! I have tried to transmit my values, my experience, wisdom, in its color reflected in Hope, freshness, and tropics. Its name is my Pilar, my inspiration, my inheritance from my mother, its content reflects remedies, tradition, trust, and responsibility!
I am an experienced custom brand that everything I do is art of Pure Natural Holistic Beauty! With treatments and cosmetics from the biochemical point of view of the skin to help self-regenerate the skin! More than ordinary cosmetics, they are remedies to correct skin disorders!
Join the green beauty movement for skin and planet care

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