What is Micaela Garden botanical cosmetics

Dear customers!

I began to lay the foundations of Micaela Garden from faith, illusion, hope and sacrifice since 2016! My purpose is to process my experience to motivate my clients to discover their inner beauty and accept biological aging with responsibility and dignity! with my botanical cosmetics help extend the life of skin cells for a youthful appearance for much longer!

Cosmetics that help you age gracefully and elegantly!

In my experience with my clients in my Skin Care office, I have seen and believe that the skin is an organ that can self-regenerate, and my formulas are designed to correct, stimulate, regenerate and nourish the skin!

i am a custom brand experienced in advanced holistic skin care and all i do is love and art to holistic beauty. Botanical formulas from the biochemical point of view of the skin and with bio-patented active ingredients to help regenerate the skin. More than ordinary cosmetics, they are remedies to correct alterations in the skin barrier.

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